Simi Condemning Internet Scammers (Yahoo Yahoo Boys)

Simi Condemning Internet Scammers (Yahoo Yahoo Boys)

Simi Condemning Internet Scammers (Yahoo Yahoo Boys)

Simi has lent her voice to the never-ending internet crime that has taken strong roots in Nigeria, depriving Nigerians of opportunities all over the world.

She made the statement through her Instagram stories where she encouraged Nigerians to do better and be more cautious about protecting the name that they have rather than giving it all off for cyber crime.

The singer revealed that she’;s hurt that despite the number of people fighting against Cyber crime, people are still doing their best to spoil the name of the country hence hindering people’s growth because they’re so many counties who wouldn’t want to do business with Nigerians because of the track record of internet fraud.

Do you know how many Nigerians go for business meetings or just to even get the smallest opportunity for themselves to make it and they leave with nothing because they’re Nigerians, that is the only excuse that they get. “sorry we cannot work with Nigerians”

Simi opened up that she cannot watch an issue like this continue to go wrong and keep quiet. In her words “I care and I’m not passive.” and if talking will make you stop listening to her music, the singer says she doesn’t care as she doesn’t expect people to like her or listen to her songs if what she has to say about cyber-crime affects them that much.

She went on to encourage Nigerians all over to stop focusing on the government but to focus rather on collectively building a country everyone can be proud of.


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