Kylie Jenner Surprises Travis Scott with Lamborghini on his Birthday

Kylie Jenner Surprises Travis Scott with Lamborghini on his Birthday…Kylie Jenner spoils her boyfriend and baby daddy with a Lamborghini on his birthday.

For Travis Scotts birthday this year, his baby mama and girlfriend, Kylie Jenner has decided to spoil him with a Lamborghini car.

Travis Scott who couldn’t hide his joy took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, where he shared a photo of the new car. Prior to this, Kylie Jenner had taken to her Instagram page where she had shared some cute photos of Travis and herself.

She went on to caption the photos with a very beautiful birthday message to the man in her life. Trust us when we say this is one birthday message that might see everyone congratulating this couple soon over a new baby.

“Watching you evolve into the partner, friend, son, and father you are today has been so fulfilling ♥️ my real life bestie & hubby all wrapped into one. I love you and I’m so so proud of you. happy happy birthday 🎉🎁 let’s fuck around and have another baby. 🤪,” she wrote.

Happy birthday Travis Scott from all of us at Here. This is not the first time a couple will be surprising each other with a really expensive gift like a Lamborghini.

Kylie Jenner's birthsday message to Travis Scott is one of the coolest you'd be reading today [Instagram/KylieJenner]

Recall back in 2018 when Offset got Cardi B a Lambo and she couldn’t keep calm.

Offset surprises Cardi B with a Lamborghini

Back in 2018, Offset got Cardi B a Lamborghini and she was super excited about it

The gift, however, didn’t come in a normal way as she was however tricked by her husband before getting the gift. In a series of videos posted on her Instagram page on Friday, October 5, 2018, the rapper revealed how she was told that Offset had fainted which was actually faked. This was just a ploy to getting her really surprised about the gift.

“I’m happy and mad at the same time  I been crying and praying for like 2 hours. I love you babe ❤️❤️Thanks for the gift. Please don’t scare me again you know iIsuffer from anxiety    LAMBTRUCK,” she captioned one of the videos.

Offset says he is standing behind Cardi B amidst controversial video [StlyeCaster]

Cardi B couldn’t hide her joy as she went on to share more videos showing the interiors and exteriors of the sleek car. She also went on to reveal that she would have to learn how to drive a car following the gift.

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