Burna Boy: I feel sorry for Nigerian Artists Jumping into International Deals

I feel sorry for Nigerian Artists Jumping into International Deals…The singer thanked his manager, Bose Ogulu – who is also his mother – for ensuring he signed a good deal.

There is a bitter-sweet edge to signing a record contract with any division of the four major record labels in the world; Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music Group and EMI. Sadly, that’s not just a thing for African or cross-over artists.

Thus, the cluster in recording labels makes recording contracts not all ‘sunshine and rainbows’ and singer Burna Boy has echoed the same sentiments.

Burna boy

About 13 hours ago, the artist wrote on his Instagram stories that, “I feel so sorry for all you Nigerians and artists jumping into these “international deals”. You guys don’t know what you’re doing. I will forever be grateful to my manager/mother for making sure I will never be an “international” VICTIM. I feel very bad for every one of you. I’m hearing some really crazy shit out here. I feel so sad for you all.”

You might recall that the artist is signed to Atlantic Records, a division of Warner Music Group.

This follows the rapper’s reservations with his fellow artists’ support for internet fraud.

You might recall that recently, American rap legend, Kanye West dragged both his record label, Def Jam Recording/Universal/Bravado International Group and his distribution company, EMI to court so he’d “be set free from the bonds” from both arrangements. His quest was to win rights to his publishing back.

These days, some artists like 2chainz have successfully negotiated ownership of their masters into their recording contracts. Other times, successful independent artists use their successful DIY upper-hand to negotiate deals where they own their masters and labels are just glorified distributors.


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