The mum of two condemned the act, demanding justice be done and the reformation of the police force with immediate effect.

She wrote:

About 3 weeks ago, police raided night clubs in Abuja, arrested 30 women, and accused them of being prostitutes. Last week, they raided more clubs, and basically kidnapped women that happened to be on the road, adding 70 more women to the list.
Some women were let go because they could prove they were married, others were extorted and let go, and the most unfortunate were raped by the men who are supposed to be the enforcers of the law.

Living as a woman in Nigeria comes at too high a cost, and it is time for our leaders to understand they cannot continue to turn a blind eye as our fundamental human rights are abused and trampled on repeatedly. Many have marched and protested, and we refuse to be silenced.

We are demanding immediate justice for the abuse and assault of these women, and the reformation of the police force. #iamawoman #righttolive #iamnotmyclothes
Being a woman is not a crime.