Four Housemates are Up for Eviction on Sunday #BBNaija

#BBNaija Housemates who are Up to Eviction on Sunday

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#BBNaija Housemates who are Up to Eviction on Sunday

Five Housemates are Up to Eviction on Sunday #BBNaija

Today being 15th July The Big Brother Housemates were ask to Nominate two Housemates they would like to see up for Eviction on Sunday. The following Housemates have the highest Number of Nominees so they are all at risk for the up coming Eviction on Sunday.

#BBNaija Housemates who are Up to Eviction on Sunday

At least one of this Housemates will be evicted from the Big Brother House On Sunday at the Live eviction party. Catch it up on DSTV Chanel 198 and GOTV 29

During Biggie’s Announcement on the Housemates who are up for Eviction on Sunday, SEYI was among the five housemates but as the Bearer of the Veto Power, Biggie asked Him To Remove one of the Housemates who is among the five And replace with one that is not among. But Seyi Declined the Veto Power, biggie instructed him not to partake in any Veto Power Activity again..

Voting is on Going now to End on Thursday 18, July by 5:00pm..

Kindly Vote for your Favorite Housemate to keep them in the house..

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