Khafi Is The Head Of House (HOH) #BBNaija

Khafi Is The Head Of House (HOH) #BBNaija

Khafi Is The Head Of House (HOH) #BBNaija

Khafi won the Head of House Challenge. After a complicated two rounds challenge, Khafi sealed victory with a deft completion of the puzzle blocks Task.

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Choose A Partner

The Head of House challenge started with a brief for the Pepper Dem Gang to pair up first. Seven pairs were formed. Now in picking a partner, each Housemate thought it was a wise idea to pick an equally strong Housemate to fortify their chances of winning the Challenge. If only they knew they were going to end up competing against each other, they probably would have thought otherwise.

Here are the Pairs:

Mercy Venita
Khafi Cindy
Omashola Elozonam
Mike Ike
Frodd Esther
Seyi Tacha
Sir Dee Diane

The Fastest Hands

The Head of House Challenge was played in two rounds. The first round which was a game of the ‘fastest hands’ saw the Pepper Dem Gang standing in pairs and make a quick grab of the die placed on the stool in front of them. At the end of this Challenge, Seven Housemates (Venita, Ike, Frodd, Seyi, Khafi, Omashola and Sir Dee) emerged winners and proceeded to the next round.

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Building Blocks

The second round of the HoH Challenge was a Game of speed and intellect. Housemates were asked to replicate a coloured patterned square and the first person to complete it would go on to become the Head of House. Venita was the first to be sent off for an incorrect replica before Khafi was crowned the winner for building the best replica in record time.

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Winnings And Bedroom Privileges

As is custom, Khafi earned herself the immunity privilege for the week, 250 Bet9ja coins, bonus coins for her team – The Legends. When asked about who she’d like to share the Head of House Bedroom privilege with, she was hesitant to answer and this was probably because the one person she would have loved to share it with just got Evicted. She eventually settled for a willing Tacha. Perhaps that’s who she really needs. A strong woman who can help her heal from Gedoni’s Eviction.

Although Khafi seems to be going through a lot at the moment, fate seems to be smiling on her. She recently won the Innoson Challenge and will be driving home (whenever that is) in an IVM Fox.

Watch Khafi win her First Head of House Challenge


Khafi Is The Head Of House (HOH) #BBNaija

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