#BBNaija: The Ultimate Veto Power Holder Quest

#BBNaija: The Ultimate Veto Power Holder Quest

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#BBNaija: The Ultimate Veto Power Holder Quest

In one of the biggest twists of the Pepper Dem Season, the Veto Power Game of Chance will now last a week before a winner is decided – The Ultimate Veto Power Game of Chance.

The power that will be bestowed on the Ultimate Veto Power Holder is still a mystery, but the winner is rumoured to have power and privilege different from the usual.

Playing The Ultimate VPH Challenge

As always, the Veto Power is a Game of Chance or luck as some would call it. Rarely has skills ever played a part in the outcome of the game and this time, it is the same. In the center of the Arena was a Red Box and locked inside the box is a picture of an object.

The challenge was to pick an exact duplicate of the picture in the locked Red Box from pictures presented to them.

Housemates will repeat the process of picking pictures all through this week until a total of 60 pictures has been handed to the House. This means a total of 60 different pictures will be handed to the Housemates – which means six for each Housemate.

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Challenge Day One

Each Housemate stepped up to the plate and selected their pictures, right after picking numbers to decide the order in which they should go. The Housemates did show a bit of hesitation while picking pictures but there’s a long way to go. Today was definitely not the day to be scared.

1568701231 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.11.52 pm

Protecting The Red Box

Reminiscent of the egg Task where the Housemates were asked to take custody of an egg and protect it, the Housemates were instructed by Biggie to watch over the Red Box. “Wherever you go as a House, the Red Box goes. Whether it is the Arena or the party room,” he said.

“If the box goes missing, there shall be severe punishment for the loss and if the lock gets broken or tampered with, again there shall be severe punishment for the responsible Housemate or Housemates,” he warned.

Trust the Housemates to flout rules as usual. Making their way into the Arena for the Head of House Challenge, it soon dawned on them that they forgot to bring to Red Box which earned them a rebuke from Biggie.

Another issue they dealt with was working out a schedule of who to keep watch over the Red Box and ensure its safety. Not only were they worried about keeping the box secured, but there was also an air of suspicion and distrust. Cindy was the first to voice it when she immediately warned Ike to keep away from the box. Let’s not forget that the Red Box contains the original picture Housemates are hoping to find the duplicate.

1568701312 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.08.18 pm

Challenge Day Two

Shortly after making their fake Nominations, the Housemates were each called to take a pick of the pictures for today. But before they did, each randomly picked a number to determine the order in which they would pick the pictures carefully laid out on the table. One by one they all made their picks with the hope that they each would be the lucky one who picked the exact duplicate of the picture in the Red Box.

While some picked for special reasons or lucky numbers, others just picked pictures pleasing to their sight.

1568701507 34 screenshot 2019 09 16 at 8.10.46 pm
1568701778 34 screenshot 2019 09 16 at 8.20.51 pm

This is just the second picture out of the six each Housemate is expected to pick by the end of the week. Fingers are crossed as we speculate what picture the Red Box contains and which Housemate will pick the exact duplicate.

#BBNaija: The Ultimate Veto Power Holder Quest

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