4 Amazing Photos of Moet Abebe You Need to See

The name may sounds strange to some of you here, that’s why i will like to introduce to you guys who this pretty looking lady Moet Abebe is in Nigeria.

About Moet Abebe

Born on 29 July 1989, Laura Monyeazo Abebe is a Nigerian video jockey who became prominent after moving back to Nigeria in pursuit of a media career.

With the real name Laura Monyeazo Abebe though she is popularly known as Moet Abebe is a Media personality and television presenter.

She attended an audition for Soundcity TV three months after moving back to Lagos, Nigeria, and got the job as a TV Presenter and Producer.

How Did Moet Abebe Become Popular

Abebe became known on Soundcity TV as a host of the One On One show, Body&Soul and Global Countdown show. In 2016, she began her career on Soundcity Radio 98.5fm where she handles the afternoon show known as “TheTakeover” from 2-6pm Monday to Friday.

Behind Moet Abebe Photos to Displayed Here

The photos you will be seeing here photos that was posted by Moet Abebe to mark her 31 today on 29th July 2020

See Photos Below;

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